Cheerleading: REGISTRATION FEE $225.00.

Cheer is open to students entering grades K- 6 in the upcoming school year.


  • Practices normally begin around the middle of July and runs 1x a week throughout the season. 
  • Practice location and times are usually in the Northport area and generally around 6pm.
  • Teams are by divided by grade level and are determined after registration
  • Each squad has a Team Coach and Team Parent (mom and/or dad).
  • We cheer at home and at away Tigers football games and some special events. The away games span Suffolk, Nassau, and Metro NY.
  • A cheer bow and a team sweatshirts are part of registration fee and yours to keep!
  • There is a uniform deposit fee of $100.00 (you will receive this deposit back at end of season when uniform is returned in good condition)
  • To be supplied by the parents: Pom Poms (you may re-use every season – we may also have a supply on a first-come first-serve basis), white cheer sneakers, no-show socks, black compression shorts, and white crop top (available for purchase through the league).
  • We ask that one family member for each cheerleader volunteer to help the league in some capacity.  On the registration form you will see each area for volunteering listed. 
  • One of our fundraisers is the annual raffle. Each cheerleader is responsible for selling one book of raffle tickets. 
  • Exclusive fun cheer events: in addition to cheering at games. We do our best to participate in these events, but there are no guarantees, they are based on interest, schedule, and logistics:
    • Citifield day – learn a dance and cheer on the actual field with the New York Jets Flight crew cheerleaders
    • March in Cow Harbor Day Parade
    • Stony Brook University day –  run through the tunnel and cheer with the Stony brook cheerleaders

See cheerleading frequently asked questions for more information.

All questions and correspondence should be sent to

Per our membership agreement, there are no refunds for any reason, only credits issued toward the following season.