Northport Youth Football Club (now the Long Island Knights) has brought you the best football since 2010! More great events coming soon!

The Long Island Knights (formerly Northport Youth Football Club) has always been committed to promoting community involvement. Over the years the organization has hosted a number of events under the leadership of Joe Fortuna and Benjamin Carey. In 2017 Louis Bonanzio, Benjamin Carey, and Tracy Edwards organized the Pioneers Family Football Night at Northport Youth Football. Tracy Edwards was instrumental in making the event a success.

Look for this event and many of the others that have been run over the years to return to the field under the Long Island Knights Youth Football league! Movie night on the lawn, the clam bake, the powder puff flag game, and the pee wee homecoming are just a few of the events that Northport Youth Football has run over the years to build camaraderie.

The Pioneers Family Football Night was a fun-filled evening for families to come together and enjoy the game of football. LIU football played their annual Green and White scrimmage at VETS field, and then the players volunteered their time to work with the young athletes and teach them new skills. They also offered tips and advice on how to be successful on and off the field. The players shared their experiences as college athletes and encouraged the youth to pursue their dreams.

Tracy Edwards and Benjamin Carey played a crucial role in organizing the event. They were determined to make it a memorable experience for everyone involved. They worked tirelessly to coordinate with the youth football league and LIU football team to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Edwards understood the importance of community involvement and wanted to create an opportunity for families to come together and celebrate their love for football.

The event was a huge success, with over 200 attendees. Families enjoyed a barbeque, face painting, and other activities while watching the game. The LIU football team also provided the young athletes with t-shirts and other swag, making the night even more special.

The Pioneers Family Football Night was more than just a fun evening for families. It was an opportunity for LIU to connect with the local community and showcase its commitment to community involvement. Coach Bryan Collins and the LIU football team were able to inspire and motivate the young athletes to pursue their goals and dreams.

This event was just one example of how Northport Youth Football has worked to create meaningful connections with the community. It is a testament to the Northport Youth Football Club’s commitment to creating a positive impact beyond the field. Through events like these, Northport Youth Football Club has been able to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and community involvement, inspiring the next generation of athletes and leaders.

The Long Island Family Football Night at Northport Youth Football was a huge success and is expected to return soon thanks to the hard work of Northport Youth Football Club and it’s newly re-branded LI Knights Youth Football. Long Island Family football night was an opportunity for families to come together, enjoy a game of football, and create lasting memories. It is one of many events over the years that has showcased Northport Youth Football’s commitment to community involvement and inspired the next generation of athletes and leaders. We are so excited to see more events like this from the Long Island Knights youth football league!